29 December 2014

Sinopsis Buku Terbaru

 1. Personal Data Protection : Cases and Commentary with Applied syari'ah Principles. 

Personal Data Protection will be enforced once gazetted by the Federal Government. This new Law will change the protection landscape provided for by law with regards to personal data.
The entire PDPA 2010 is examined section by section with case law analysis from Civil and Commonwealth jurisdictions. The book sets out major personal data protection principles and discusses the relevant statutory and regulatory compliance required for professional and management purposes.
Relevant case study and critical commentary are provided for. it sets out drafting templates/precedents in charting personal data policy and compliance strategy, application and clear methodology to achieve compliance. In the final analysis, it advocates for an innovative approach in the application of Syari'ah data protection principles, framework and perspective.

2. Administrative Law 2nd ed.

Administrative Law explains the constitutional principles of the subject. It brings clarity to this complex field of public law. The common law courts, government agencies, and Parliament have developed a wide variety of techniques for controlling the enormously diverse activities of twenty-first century government. Underlying all that variety is a set of constitutional principles. This book uses the law of judicial review to identify and to explain these principles, and then shows how they ought to be worked out in the private law of tort and contract, in the new Tribunals Service, and in non-judicial techniques such as investigations by ombudsmen, auditors, and other government agencies. The aim is to equip the reader to apply the constitutional principles to the problems of administrative law.
Online Resource Centre
Administrative Law is accompanied by an extensive Online Resource Centre, which provides a unique resource for the subject. The ORC features:
- Notes on key cases
- Links to reports of important judgments, legislation, and other resources
- Suggestions for answering the questions in the text
- Updates to the law
- A guide to the literature of administrative law
- An online glossary
- A guide for teachers

3. Principles of Criminal Law

Principles of Criminal Law, now in its seventh edition, takes a distinctly different approach to the study of criminal law, while still covering all of the vital topics found on criminal law courses. Uniquely theoretical, it seeks to elucidate the underlying principles and theoretical foundations of the criminal law, and aims to critically engage readers by contextualizing and analyzing the law. 

This edition continues to fulfil this remit, with additional insights from a new co-author, Professor Jeremy Horder, former Law Commisioner for England and Wales 2005-2010. Also new to this edition is an increased emphasis on key case law, further assisiting those undergraduate readers who may be new to the subject area. 

This is essential reading for students seeking a sophisticated and critically engaging exploration of the subject.

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